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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips to Colour Your Home

In a world where thousands of colours can be chosen from, choosing colour (whether paint or colour of your home furnishings) for each segment of your home should be a fun; however, you should seriously consider every colour and its association before putting on as colour affect moods and emotions for those who stay in the space that you have created.

Colour brings life into every inch of your house. For instance, it can warm (yellow colour) or cool (white colour), calm (blue colour) or excite (red colour) you. What’s more, cleverly use of colour can make your small bedroom looks bigger, why not?

Begin at the Beginning
Determine what features or existing finishes in the room you would consider permanent. Consider the wardrobes, for example, if the wood of your bedroom wardrobes has a red undertone, make sure the paint or decoration colour you choose works well with that hue.

Determine the Colour Scheme
Consider the proportions of different colour that you wish to use carefully. One colour should always dominate a colour scheme. A scheme that always works well is to have two thirds of the room done in one colour and the other third in another colour. You should avoid using two colours of the same strength and intensity.

Emphasize or Minimize
Colour of your paint or furnishings can emphasize certain features while minimizing others. A long narrow room will look wider if you use a slightly darker colour on the shorter walls and a lighter colour on the longer walls. To give a big room a more intimate feel, decorate the walls in colours that advance toward you, such as red, gold, orange and brown. To help a small room seem larger, paint and also decorate the walls in colours that make them appear to recede, such as white, blue or violet colour.

Common Colour and its Associations

Love, life, power, heat, roses, strength, sex, cherries, blood, Christmas, danger, excitement

Sky, freshness, sea, intelligence, birds, heaven, jeans, cold, mountains, ducks

Sunshine, ducklings, brightness, vigour, bananas, gold, canaries, the moon, lemons

Ecology, planet, growth, leaves, wisdom, olives, avocados, cool, calm, sea

Darkness, mysteries, winter, discipline, negatives, crows, patent-leather, seals

Snow, weddings, holiness, brilliance, light, piano keys, daisies, kittens

Wealth, honour, glamour, marriage, jewelries, good-luck, sun, luxury

Girly, passion, feminine, strawberries, piglets, flowers, clouds, lipstick, celebrations

Luxury, passion, grapes, heather, sexy, feminine, crown chakra, mourning, imagination, psychics

Wood, timber, dogs, earth, comfort, nuts, chocolate, velvet, coffee, horses

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