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Monday, December 3, 2012

Care for Your Bed Linens

Care for Your Bed Linens

Buying your bed linens is just an easy task, but knowing how to care for it can be another story. It’s pretty challenging for those have never had to take care of laundry before. The following laundry care procedures are recommended to enhance your bed linens look and feel as well as extend its longevity.


General “Do Not” Guidelines
·         Do not “free pour” detergent into your washing machine. This will not only damage your linen but also the laundry equipment.
·       切勿将洗涤剂直接倒入洗衣机里。这不仅会损害你的床单,也会破坏洗衣机的内部设备。
·         Do not “over load” as this will result in wrinkled your bed linens.
·         切勿过载,这将导致床单非常皱褶。
·         Do not “over dry” your bed linen as it will cause the sheets and pillow cases to become rough.
·         切勿曝晒床单,这会导致床单和枕头套变得粗糙不堪。

Laundry Guidelines for Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases

·         Separate your bed sheets / pillow cases from bathroom terry (towels).
·         将床单或枕头套与毛巾分开洗涤。
·         Do not wash / dry your bed sheets / pillow cases with towels – because towels absorb 3 times the amount of water than bed sheets do. Thus, your bed sheets and pillow cases will be over dried and become rough.
·         切勿将床单与毛巾一起洗涤或打干。这是因为,毛巾会3倍吸收水分。因此,床单就会过分打干而变得粗糙。
·         Avoid over-loading your washing machine to prevent breaking long-fibers e.g. Egyptian Cotton.
·         切勿过载你的洗衣机以防止断裂纤维,如:埃及棉。
·         Washing temperature should not exceed 65°C (150F) approx.
·        洗涤温度不超过约65度(150F)。
·         Drying temperature should not exceed 70°C (160F) approx. for 20 minutes.
·         烘干温度不超过70度,约20分钟。
·         Remove quickly from machine washer and dryer to eliminate wrinkles.
·         清洗完毕后,立刻将床单拿出以减少皱褶。
·         If your bed sheets / pillow cases are wrinkled in the dryer, toss in a dampened cloth and dry for 5-10 minutes longer.
·         如果你的床单或枕头套因烘干机而变得皱褶的话,你可将它抛在湿巾上晾干5-10分钟。
·         If pre-soaking is necessary, cold water is recommended.
·         如需预先浸泡,建议使用冷水。

Laundry Guidelines for Comforters, Quilts (Duvets), Bed Skirts

·         Close all zippers before laundering.
·         洗涤之前,拉上所有拉链。
·         Wash with mild detergent.
·         用温和的清洁剂清洗。
·         Do not use alkaline detergent, acid, chlorine bleach in either washing or drying cycles – because they can negatively impact the look and feel as well as their longevity.
·         忌使用碱或酸性洗涤剂、漂白剂,因为它们能影响其外观及寿命。
·         Avoid temperatures above 50°C (120F).
·         温度忌超过50度(120F)。

Laundry Guidelines for Mattress Topper


·         Machine washing in cold water.
·         使用冷水来清洗。
·         Do not bleach as it breaks down fabric fibers.
·         忌漂白,因漂白剂会分解床垫的纤维。
·         Use mild detergent.
·         使用温性的洗涤剂。
·         Dry in low temperature, avoid more than 120°C (250F).
·         以低温度来烘干,忌超过120度(250F)。
·         Do not overstuff the dryer.
·         忌过载你的烘干机。

Storage Guidelines

·         It’s ideal to have three bed sheet sets for a bed. For instance, you will have one on the bed, one in the storage while another one in the laundry.
·         最理想的床单数量为三套。例如,一套铺在床上、一个储存,另一个在洗涤着。
·         Change your bed sheets preferably once a week in hot and humid climates e.g. Malaysia.
·         在气候较潮湿的国家,如:马来西亚;建议每个星期换洗床单一次。
·         Rotate using your bed sheet sets frequently so that the three sets wear evenly.
·         经常更换三套床单可使他们保持寿命。

REMEMBER: These guidelines are general. Care instructions are specific to the type of bed linens and bedding accessories that you have chosen. Hence, we recommend you to follow the care labels accordingly to ensure that you care for your bed linen in the best possible way. ;-)

By: Fred Victor, Pek Yeng

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