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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aromatic Essential Oils Help to Sleep

Aromatic Essential Oils Help to Sleep

Experts say that lack of sleep can be fatal. Therefore, we can improve sleep quality through self-regulation; it can also use essential oils to help decompression and sleep.

Essential oils with a variety of different efficacy: improve sleep, strengthen memory, relax, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, to appease the mood and weight loss and other health benefits.
There are many sleep aids essential oils: lavender, orange leaves, sandalwood, benzoin, rose oil, ylang ylang oil, oregano grass, gillyflower, and so on. Lavender can purify mind soothe, relieve the feeling of anger and exhaustion, fresh soft aroma has a hypnotic effect. The orange leaf can relieve anxiety, palpitations and insomnia. The oregano grass spread widely mild herbal smell, a sedative. ylang ylang oil is excellent relaxant, can soothe, calm and eliminate tension and improve sleep.
助眠的香精油有很多,如:薰衣草、橙叶、檀香、安息香、玫瑰油、依兰油、牛至草、紫罗兰等等 。薰衣草能净化、安抚心灵、减轻愤怒和精疲力竭的感觉,其清新柔和的芳香具有安眠效果。橙叶能解除忧虑、心悸和不眠症。牛至草散发温和的草药气味,具有镇静作用。依兰油是极佳的松弛剂,能抚慰、平静及消除紧张及改善睡眠。

A wide range of essential oils usage can cater to the needs and preferences of the different groups of people were consumption, sachets, aromatherapy, bath, oil massage. The following are a few ways to use essential oils or flowers to Sleep Aid:

1. The fumigation: lit up the candle diffuser, add a few drops of essential oil. But also as a light to regulate indoor use.
1. 薰蒸(扩香法):点燃香薰炉,加入数滴精油即可。还能作为调节室内的光线使用。
2. Essential oil bath: 8-10 drops of rose oil added to the bath tub of warm water, soak for 15-20 minutes, inhaling the aroma of roses, with a towel wrapped the body sit in the bath after 15 minutes and take a deep breath, once or twice per week. In the moment of sleep, body temperature will drop. Therefore, before going to sleep, soak in a bath, sleep more fragrant. But pay attention to the water temperature is not overheating, overheating the nervous again excited. About 40 ℃ warm water is the best.
2. 精油泡澡:玫瑰精油8至10滴加入浴缸温水中,泡浸泡15至20分钟,吸入玫瑰的香气,浴后用浴巾包裹身体静坐15分钟并作深呼吸,每周一至二次。人在睡眠的瞬间,体温会下降。因此在临睡前,泡个澡能睡得更香。但是注意水温不要过热,过热会使神经再度兴奋起来。40℃左右的温水是最好的。

3. Tea: herbal tea such as chamomile or rose an hour before bedtime, drink a small cup with calm utility or honey warm milk. Milk contains ingredients to promote sleep; honey can adjust the nervous, promote sleep, the night also helps to keep blood sugar balance, to avoid waking.
3. 花茶:睡前一小时喝一小杯具有镇定效用的洋甘菊或玫瑰等花草茶或加蜂蜜的温牛奶。牛奶中含有促进睡眠的成分;蜂蜜中的葡萄糖、维生素等则可以调节神经紧张,促进睡眠,还有助于整夜保持血糖平衡,避免早醒。

4. Oil massage: 2-5 drops of your chosen essential oil with 10ml base oil mixed together for the face and body massage. Also can be used directly with jasmine massage for oil massage.
4. 精油按摩:2至5滴自选精油与10ml的基础油混合一起作为脸部及身体按摩用。也可直接使用茉莉按摩油进行按摩。
5. Foot bath: soak feet in warm water and drip 5-8 drops of aromatic essential oils dissolved water, about 15 minutes later.
5. 足浴法:将双足浸泡在滴有5至8滴芳香溶水精华油的温水中,大约15分钟后即可。

6. Bags of dried flowers fragrances: the use of dried flowers with a handkerchief wrapped and tied with a bow, and then put on the pillow can always smell the gentle aroma to disseminate.
6. 袋装干花芳香剂:利用干花用手绢包裹好、系上蝴蝶结即可,然后放在枕边,可时刻嗅到其散发的柔和香气。

7. Dried flower essential oils: handkerchief, paper towel or cotton ball drops on a few drops of essential oil on the pillow or pillows help hypnosis.
7. 干花精油:在手绢、纸巾或棉花球上,滴上数滴精油放到枕边或枕头内,帮助催眠。
8. Aromatherapy candles: lit up the candles before you sleep.
8. 香薰蜡烛:在睡眠前数分钟点上即可。

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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