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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AKEMI AvantGarde TENCEL® - The Botanical Way of Life

by Fred Victor

In the world of fabric, TENCEL® is well-known of its drape. Simply, TENCEL® fabric is extremely luxurious soft, smooth and fine. It's the new age fibre which represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textile.

TENCEL® is made from cellulose of wood pulp. The fibres are completely natural. It's botanical because it's made of natural wood pulp cellulose. In short, TENCEL® is produced throughout an extremely eco-friendly production process, hence, it's fully biodegradable.


Fibrils are the key to the performance and possibilities of TENCEL®.

Fibrils are tiny components (little "hairs") which make up the fibre. TENCEL® is the unique structure of the fibrils, allows the production of textiles which, until now, could only be dreamed of. This is the first cellulose fibre whose functionality is based on this innovative structure. The controlled and regular arrangement of these tiny fibrils leads to new functional properties. The fibrils are hydrophilic and optimize the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties.

In short, TENCEL® fabric has its natural cooling properties. With its outstanding moisture management, TENCEL® absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere.It inhibits bacteria growth effectively due to its moisture management capabilities, thus wearing a bedding made of AKEMI TENCEL® significantly improves health, comfort and promotes the feeling of well-being.

To find out AKEMI TENCEL® bedding products, you're invited to visit AkemiUchi stores, and major departmental stores throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Have an eco-healthy night's sleep ;-)

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