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Monday, December 19, 2011

AkemiUchi Fine Tencel® Collection

Made from natural wood pulp cellulose, AkemiUchi Fine Tencel® is completely natural and botanical collection. The fibre is fully biodegradable due to its extremely eco-friendly production process. It’s soft and smooth against your skin. Ideal for sensitive skins and asthmatics. 

This is a  luxury 100% Lyocell fibre, comes together with 600 thread count in floral accents for a tranquil living.

ColourActiv™ is synonymous with "Long Lasting Colours", the colour of ColourActiv™ is exceptionally vibrant and sheen, its smooth surface makes the colour silky with soft hands touch.

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  1. Hi Akemi,

    What is the differences between Fine Tencel Collection and AvantGarde Collection?



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