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Monday, November 19, 2012

Lose Weight with Sleep

Article title: Lose weight with sleep. 

Sleep accounted for most of the time in life, good or bad can directly affect the quality of people's lives. Healthy adults generally need 7-8 hours of sleep every day, young people may need 9 hours of sleep. Adequate sleep can help us restore physical and mental, relieve stress, and enhance the memory.
睡眠占了人生大部分的时间,其好坏能直接影响人们的生活质量。健康成年人一般每天需要7 8小时睡眠,青少年则可能需要9小时睡眠。足够的睡眠可以帮助我们恢复体力和脑力,并能舒缓压力,增强记忆力。

Well, you may have heard of lack of cause’s obesity?    

Medical evidence suggests that, time and quality of sleep potentially affect some hormone secretion, two hormones which include: the peptide hormone secreted by adipose tissue (leptin, LP), and the hunger hormone (ghrelin). Ghrelin from the stomach, you can increase your appetite; LP from fat cells, where it sends satiety signal to the brain when you are full.
经医学证据表明,睡眠的时间和质量都潜在地影响着一些荷尔蒙分泌,这其中有两种荷尔蒙包括: 脂肪组织分泌的肽类激素(leptin,简称LP)及饥饿激素(ghrelin)。饥饿激素来自于胃,能增进你的食欲LP来自于脂肪细胞,当你吃饱时它就给大脑发出饱腹的信号。

This is mainly the use of amino acids, as supplement before going to bed to promote the role of human metabolism. Amino acids can convert the consumption of too much fat in the body to energy, it has a good weight loss, effect can break down fat, eliminate puffiness, promote metabolism, stimulate growth hormone.

This is the sleep depth will stimulate the brain to secrete growth hormone, to convert the body fat into energy. That is when sleep is limited or less than 8 hours, LP levels decline, but hunger hormone level increases. They want to eat high-carbohydrate, high-calorie food, eating desire has grown as much as 45%.The appetite of these people are in proportion to growth.

By looking at these data, for those beautiful ladies who want to lose weight, should better pay attention to their sleep time.

Written by :  Asikin & Pek Yeng

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