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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feng Shui Tips: Bedroom Colour Scheme Creates Wealth

Feng Shui Tips: Bedroom Colour Scheme Creates Wealth

Every day, we are wearing different colour clothes and bedding, which will actually inadvertently absorb some of their energy. In fact, colour brings both psychological and physiological to us. In fact, psychologists use colour as treatment for certain patients. 我们每天身穿不同颜色的衣服及睡觉时所使用的寝具,都无意间吸收着其能量。其实,色彩对我们的心理和生理影响极大,心理学家甚至利用颜色来治疗某些病患。 

From the perspective of colour study, colours such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are considered core. According to colour study, cool colours like green, blue, purple is the most suitable colour for sleep and rest; unlike the strong stimulated colour like red, orange, yellow colour. Especially the green tone, it brings soothing effect to our eyes. No doubt, as we work on computer on a regular basis, experts recommend that take a look at something green such as grass or trees to relax our eyes. 从色彩学的角度来讲,主色有红、橙、黄、绿、蓝、靛和紫。国外色彩研究认为, 冷色调如绿、蓝、紫是最适合睡眠和休息的色彩。因为这些色彩不像对视觉产生强烈刺激的红色、橙色、黄色,它能使我们感受到平静。特别是绿色调,对于睡眠刺 激最小,眼睛接触光波时最舒适。很多人的工作以电脑为主,专家建议累的时候看看绿色,看看草地、树林,使视觉放松。

We all know that green colour is also a symbol of environmental awareness. In fact, green also helps us to sleep, followed by blue, the latter makes people feel calm. Purple, another great choice, is also the shortest colour spectrum (within the spectrum of colour) where, according to physiologists, purple promotes one’s mental balance and well-being, and stimulates or promotes quality and good sleep. 众所周知,绿色也象征着环保意识。其实绿色也是有助于睡眠的颜色,其次是蓝色,蓝色能让人觉得安定及镇静。另外是紫色,紫色也是光谱里最短的颜色。据生理学家讲,紫色对于人的假平衡起到作用,能够刺激或促进睡意,提高睡眠质量。

The colour that affects sleep such as red, orange and yellow, is not suitable for sleep. Yellow has the highest brightness within colour spectrum; it irritates eyes, and is definitely not suitable for sleep. It is a neurotic colour. One of classical paint works “Sunflowers” by Vincent Willem van Gogh, a Dutch impressionist painter based in France, used lots of yellow. As yellow has the greatest impact on human nervous system, which represents hesitation, such colour is not suitable for sleep state. 而影响睡眠的亢奋颜色如红色、橙色和黄色就不适合睡眠了。黄色是光谱里明度最 高的颜色,对眼睛的刺激比较大,也不适合睡眠。其实它是一个神经质的色彩。法国印象派画家凡高最典型的代表作“向日葵”,大量用黄色。黄色对于人的神经系 统刺激最大,还代表了一犹豫,这种色彩不适合人类在休眠状态里存在。

In addition, there are people consider a simple white bedroom promotes sleep, however, white colour actually does not encourage rest as it dazzles in nature, and excites eye visuals. A tranquil and restful sleep environment is often wished-for in one’s subconscious mind while sleeping. Sleeping in a highly white colour revealed will influence pupil contraction, making it difficult to have a restful sleep. 另外,很多人以为简单的白色卧室,能促进睡眠。谁不知,白色其实并不利于休息。因为白色较耀眼,刺激视觉,人睡觉时潜意识里希望宁静的环境,晚上睡觉之前有太多的白色,会使得瞳孔收缩,造成难以入睡。

Further, grey tone for restful sleep is more promising, conversely, those relatively high saturated colours big red, green, blue, purple is not appropriate for bedroom. 此外,带有灰色调的色彩也比较有利于睡眠,相反饱和度比较高的、很艳丽的,大红、大绿、大蓝、大紫等颜色放在卧室是不宜的。

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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