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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your kid’s room can be fun and it doesn’t need to be expensive. The key is to focus on fun, personal style and preferred cartoon character like Hello Kitty, Superman and so on.

Kids’ bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep; they usually share a lot in common such as vibrant colours with their favourite cartoon characters on bed sheets, walls and furniture, fun shapes, cute features, playful pieces, interesting stuffs and fun patterns. So their rooms are probably the most difficult to decorate. The parents need to be sure that the room is safe and child-friendly, with functional and easy to use pieces and with a beautiful theme.

Pick a Theme

Simply put, selecting your kid’s preferred theme (can be derived from his/her preferred cartoon character) to coordinate with a subject matter gives you a unifying focal point for all the room’s parts. And selecting a subject (e.g. play area, study area, shelf, cabinet etc.) that excites and conjures up your kid’s creativeness will supply them unending excitement and satisfaction.

Add Colour

Painting is one of the least expensive ways of decorating your kid’s rooms. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to paint all the walls. All you need is to create an accent wall, and repaint in a different colour way. Other avenues can be considered like the bedroom door in a bright colour or the window frames in of pink colour.

Repaint Furniture

Consider repainting some of your subject (old furniture) such as dresser drawers, table, book shelves, and chairs etc. that incorporate the bedroom theme. Other types of furniture can be added later if you have spare cash, but for the meantime it is best to concentrate on getting necessary items first.
可重新粉刷你的旧家具, 如:衣橱、桌子、书架、椅子等,以配合卧室的主题。如你有多余的资金,大可考虑添购新家具;但首要是必需选购需要家具。

Here’s some cartoon characters for you to consider. Let’s get started to design a lovely bedroom for your kids. Have fun ;-)

By: Fred Victor & Pek Yeng

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