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Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Home Deodorant (Toilet)

DIY Home Deodorant (Toilet)

Over many years, the toilet is in a wet state. Usual cleaning any case, always feel the smell, sprayed with perfume or fragrance sprays will only increase the odour becomes unpleasant to unbearable. Take a look at what the bathroom suitable placed it?

1. Placed plants
Some green plants can effectively absorb moisture, odour absorption and purify the air, such as: Sansevieria, Ivy, Spider Plants, Lemongrass and so on. Generally only a week the place on balcony to absorb the right amount of sunlight to prevent dry.
1. 摆放植物

2. Placed fruit
Fruits and plants are natural deodorant. In particular, the lemon is the best deodorant, like lemon slices into the dish in the bathroom, natural flavour mildew deodorant, also the bathroom with a hint of lemon flavours. Do not direct put the lemon slices on the ceramic surface to avoid imprinting is not easy to remove. If not, you can simply can wipe with a dry cloth; perishable deterioration due to fruit washed.

2. 放水果

3. Placed dry tea
Dried tea the rest of the tea leaves can be placed in the bathroom. The dregs can produce amino acids, which the catechist have excellent deodorizing effect.

3. 摆放干茶叶

4. Placed carbon
Carbon Purifier adjusts indoor air humidity and odour.

4. 摆放碳

5. Placed vinegar
Placed a cup of balsamic vinegar in the toilet, the smell will disappear. The balsamic vinegar valid generally maintained at 6-7 days. So, you can be replacing it once a week.

5. 摆放香醋

6. Placed wind oil (oil cooler)
Open a jar of wind oil can be placed in the bathroom corner, the smell can be removed also repellent. Jar of wind oil available from 2 months to 3 months.

6. 摆放风油(清凉油)

7. Placed kitchen spices
The spices are also good deodorant such as: pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon.

7. 摆放厨房香料

Although the above things can effectively remove the odour, but regular cleaning or must keep the bathroom toilets clean ventilation, can greatly reduce the growth of odour.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

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