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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Home Decoration

Christmas Home Decoration

Christmas is around the corner, every household, and the streets filled taste of red and green Christmas such as red hat, green Christmas tree, cute elk, Christmas socks and many more...

Although we cannot feel the beauty of snowing, but as long as the home is decorated and festive blend can make your body as in a foreign country; family and friends in a warm, cosy environment, accept the blessing of everyone's Christmas and look forward to a better new year.

So, let’s start DIY decorate your home now!   

Step 1: Determine the Main Colour

Christmas arrangement is not difficult or expensive cost. First, the use of colour to add to the atmosphere, such as red, green, gold, silver is a symbol of Christmas and New Year. You can look around the colour and background colour of furniture in the house, and then choose a favourite arrangement of main colour, matched with strong gold, silver colour with eye-catching Christmas decorative effect. Put on the occasion of pillowcases and other home furnishings, sofa cushions, coffee table covered with beautiful table cloth.

Step 2: Dress up Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a Christmas theme. Select a size appropriate to the Christmas tree placed in the living room, small TV cabinet can be placed the vestibule, coffee table; large trees on the living room corner of the window or couch. As an embellishment to the gifts under the tree. Dressed Christmas tree should be start from the top, such as with the shining stars, or put an angel, Santa Claus as the focus, and then hang small ornaments from top to bottom: ball, bow, small Christmas socks etc.

Step 3: Arranging a Romantic Dinner Table

For table setting, tablecloths and cutlery is the most important, focus of colour with a way to create an atmosphere. On the table, you can place the colorful floating candles, crystal-like transparent glass with several colored stones, beautiful candles floating on very occasion. Tableware put on a dinner plate textured silver and purple and other bright colours.

Step 4:  The Master Bedroom

Christmas Eve is a romantic night for couple. Select set of fire red bed sets, in line with the atmosphere of romantic and warm Christmas Eve; replaced by the bedside of the frame with Christmas garlands pattern. Christmas candles placed in the bedroom, upgraded bedroom taste to spend a bit of money, and also bring a sweet moment for couples.

Step 5: Children's Bedroom

Children's most anticipated day finally arrived, did not know either Santa Claus this year will not sent the gift that they want? Cards or Christmas confetti is the right place to hang up in the closet or bookshelf. Christmas stockings was child favorites, put the gifts inside and let the children wake up in the next morning by Christmas surprise.

By Pek Yeng & Asikin

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