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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Garden Style Ideas for Your Bedroom

Garden Style Ideas for Your Bedroom 
田园风格  卧室最佳的诠释

Hectic life makes you feel tired, sometimes it even makes you feel like want to stay away from city. Did you know that garden design will bring sense of comfort and warm feelings. Feel like being in a very natural, relax and cozy comfort environment. Let’s some inspiring bed sheet design ideas.

White is often associated with purity. Using the growing peony flower pattern is a perfect choice for a romantic ambience. Plus both combinations make you feel like sleeping in a garden. 

Pink always works with any pattern. When pink meets checkered and floral pattern, they complement garden style.

The combination of pink and daisy pattern highlights the elegance and generosity, a truly girly personality.

Lavender already well known with its miracle.  Place a few drops of lavender essential oil and sleep on this bed sheet set makes you sleep well all night.

The combination of olive green colour with white and blue striped pattern will make you fresh for the next day.

The combination of beige and dark grey tone brings energy into your space, coupled with floral patterns as a decoration brings balance element into your sleep space.

White colour as a background works well with floral patterns. This combination makes you feel calm and relax.

Earthy tone always right for bedroom decoration ideas. It not only restores nature spirit, but also brings serenity to your heart.

Bedroom is a personal space that reflects your personality, and it is also a place to spend time after a long day.
So, take time to decorate your bedroom and experience the difference. Have a good night sleep.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

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