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Friday, January 11, 2013

Tips to Eliminate House Mites

Tips to Eliminate House Mites

Have you ever wondered, to what extent that mites can grow in a year if you do not clean your mattress? How to sleep better at night if your mattress is filled with mites?

Many people overlook the cleanliness of their mattress.  In fact, mattress is a “comfort breeding zone” for bacteria.  A British study revealed that there are averagely 15,000 mites living in a mattress though the home is well-kept. What if a mattress has not been cleaned for three years, conservatively there will be at least more than a billion breeding bacteria.

So, to keep your home away from mites, please consider the following four methods:

Method 1: Regular Ventilation

Mites are easy to breed in a dusty and damp environment. To prevent dust mites from being harmful, you need to ensure good ventilation. Frequently open your windows as it allows air to flow in and out of your room, and provides good light transfer. For those who use air conditioners are recommended to do the same thing on a regular basis.

Method 2:  Regular Cleaning

Mites breed quicker in cotton fabrics. You need to keep your closet clean, neat and dry at all time. Wash your sheet, blankets, mattress cover and bed cover with warm water (50° F or higher) at least every two weeks in order to eliminate mites with high temperature water. Home items such as curtains, tablecloths, shelves and potted plants need to be cleaned frequently because they tend to gather dust.


Method 3: No Rugs / Carpets

Many people like to use carpets. Whether the size is small or large, removing carpets in your living space is definitely great idea, as it is very effective  to reduce dust mites growth.

Method 4: Keeping Dust with “Wet Work "

Beds, sofas and furniture mites may fly in the air while doing house cleaning work. Anyone inhaled will likely be infected with significant allergic symptoms. So, to avoid this, you can consider using a wet cloth to wipe away layers of dust, in a way to reduce the opportunity for mites to disperse into the air. 

To conclude, you should always keep your house clean, otherwise mites will accompany. Remedial action is needed because continuous breeding of mites can be harmful to your health.

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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