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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feng Shui Aquarium Brings You Wealth

Feng Shui Aquarium Brings You Wealth

Putting an aquarium at home is Chinese culture, not just about the beauty of it, but also the Feng Shui of it. What will bring impact to Feng Shui includes number of fish, the placement of fish tank, shape of fish tank, colours of fish and so on. Let’s us find out fish Feng Shui. 

Number of fish in an aquarium to attract the positive energies:

One: New beginnings.

Three: Growth and development.

Six: Angel Supporter luck.

Eight: Money and abundance.

Nine: Long life, considered the luckiest number.

The multiple of three (333, 888 or so): Three numbers are lucky numbers.
任何复数(333888 或其他):3位数字都是幸运号码。

The placement of fish tank:

In addition, choosing the number of fish to care for, proper placement of fish tank is something very important. Interestingly, your fish tank should never be placed in a bedroom, kitchen or the centre of the house. Bedroom and kitchen are “YIN” areas and a fish tank is “YANG”, since the bedroom is a room for rest, placing a fish tank there would create too much of “YANG” energy and cause a very restless sleep. 

Placing the tank in the kitchen would also stimulate too much of “YANG” energy, causing you to eat excessively. The centre of the house is not a good location for a fish tank because water in the middle of your house means you would probably encounter problems and difficulties.

Having beautiful fish at home is not really just beauty, but also an inevitable Feng Shui matter. Believe or not, bad luck could be a contributing factor if it is overlooked!

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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