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Monday, February 4, 2013

Balcony: A Private Space

Balcony: A Private Space
阳台 暂别烦恼的地方
For those who live in big cities, balconies are probably the places where they can get some fresh air. It’s a good idea to make the space more comfortable rather than using it only for drying clothes.  

In case you live in an apartment with balcony, don’t miss having a nice balcony décor. Wait no more, some fun décor ideas are shared here. 

Benches and garden chairs are the perfect furnishing item for balconies because they provide enough space for at least two adults, or for one adult to lounge. You can decorate benches or garden chairs with decorative pillows according to the theme you decide to incorporate. 

Placing a small side table beside your chair or bench is great idea, it can hold your drinks, snacks, or favourite books. But make sure to purchase weather-resistant cushions and furniture to ensure durability of your stuffs. 

Balcony is a very flexible living space and can easily adapt to any seasonal home décor. So you can decide on the theme you prefer to portray. This should highly depend on the activities you plan on engaging in this room.

For instance, if you plan on lounging and seek a serene hideaway, consider using soothing colours like blue, green, and white. If you favour something entertaining, then apply festive colours like orange, yellow and red. In addition, if you want a private rest time in balcony, hang weather-proof blinds as you can lower when necessary.

Plants bring life to any room, and are necessary in an outdoor area like a balcony. Decorate using flowers and small trees to add colours. Use decorative planting pots to exhibit your flowers. Hang planter boxes on balcony railings or hang planting baskets from the ceiling. They will give your balcony a European look and will not consume any additional floor space.

If your balcony is very small, consider turning it into a flower and herb garden. Mix up colourful perennials, seasonal delights, hardy ivies and herbs that you can use in the kitchen. Get a sturdy stool and a soft cushion for the seat so that you’ll enjoy working in your own private garden.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

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