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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Save Your Electric Bill

How to Save Your Electric Bill

With technological advancement nowadays, probably we cannot live without home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioning, TVs and so on. But all these require electricity and will cause your electric bill increase.  Let’s take a look at some energy saving tips! 


** Thicker curtain materials can reduce indoor temperature. 
** 加厚的窗帘可以减少室内温度升高。
** Lessen to open windows to reduce the sunlight heat from outside.
** 少开门开窗,以减少阳光的照射和热气的影响。
** Clean air conditioning filter to maintain its operating smooth.
** 要保持空调出气管畅通,并两个星期清洗一次空调滤网,确保送风口通畅。


** Volume and brightness of TV is the key of power saving, the volume higher, the more power consumption.
** 电视机的音量及亮度都是省电关键,音量及亮度越大耗电越多。
** TV is still under standby mode by shutdown it using remote control, the right way is to switch off the power.
** 使用遥控器关机,电视机仍处于待机状态,还在用电,正确是必须关掉电视机上的电源。
** Cover up TV to reduce the dust can reduce the power consumption.
** Switch off TV when you are not watching.
** 不看电视时应关闭总电源开关。


** Avoid putting hot food into the refrigerator.
** 严禁将热的食品未冷却即放入冰箱内。
** Should wash the vegetables and fruits, drain and store them into plastic bag, to reduce evaporation, thus saving energy.
** 蔬菜、水果等水分较多的食物应洗净沥干后装塑料袋再放入冰箱,以减少水分蒸发而加厚霜层,节约电能。
** Do not put refrigerator items too close, leaving some space for air circulation. So reducing the number of compressor operation for saving energy.
** 冷藏物品不要放得太密,留下空隙利于冷空气循环,这样食物降温的速度比较快,减少压缩机的运转次数,节约电能。
** Refrigerator should place in an environment where temperature is low, and well-ventilated to stay away from heat and avoid from direct sunlight. When placing refrigerator, should leave some appropriate space on the top, left, right and back to facilitate cooling.
** 冰箱摆放在环境温度低,而且通风良好的位置,要远离热源,避免阳光直射。摆放冰箱时顶部左右两侧及背部都要留有适当的空间,以利于散热。
** Minimize the numbers of open times. Because the cold air spread when open door, the compressor will use more than 10 minutes to recover refrigerator temperatures.
** 在平时存取食物时,尽量减少开门次数和开门时间。因为开一次门冷空气散开,压缩机就要多运转数十分钟,才能恢复冷藏温度。

Washing Machines

** To decide the time length of washing according to the type of laundry. Silk and fine clothing generally requires shorter time to wash, while cotton and thick fabric may require slightly longer.
** 洗衣机洗涤时间的长短,要根据衣物的种类和脏污程度来决定。一般洗涤丝绸等精细衣物的时间可短些,洗涤棉、麻等粗厚织物的时间可稍长些。
** If you use washing machine to rinse your shirts, you can wring out the shirt from soapy and detergent foam before rinse.
** 如果用洗衣机漂洗,可以先把衣物上的肥皂水或洗衣粉泡沫拧干,再进行漂洗,既可以节约用电,也减少了漂清次数,达到节电的目的。
** Try to meet enough clothing to do washing machine to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
** 等洗衣机尽量储满足够衣物后才使用。

Electric Fan

**The power consumption difference between the fastest and slowest volume is about 40%, use slower volume can reduce power consumption.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

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