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Friday, February 22, 2013

Feng Shui: Mirror Secrets

Feng Shui: Mirror Secrets
风水教学: 镜子之谜

Mirrors are a terrific decorating instrument and have the potential to bring more prosperity, even enhance beautiful views and invite the accompanying Chi that goes with them. Yet, using mirrors in fengshui is often misunderstood.

Do - Hang a Mirror near Entrance
 – 在入口处摆放一面镜子

As this activates the water element of the space immediately, means you can take a positive glimpse of yourself.

Do - Keep Mirrors Away from South
 – 镜子远离南方

Do not place mirrors in the south area of your space. Mirrors represent water, and the south area of your space needs fire. As water puts down fire. The south of your space needs red, bright, and fiery colours to support positive Chi.

Don’t – Place Mirror Facing Front Door
 – 在门前对面放镜

This pushes the energy from inside out. If you want a mirror to open your foyer, adding a mirror is a great idea. Just don’t put opposite the front door or it may bring bad luck.

Don’t – Use Broken Mirror or Bagua
 – 摆放破镜子或八卦镜

Bagua is often hung outdoor like front door or window, it deters evil spirits. So, the reflection from Bagua shouId not head towards your neighbours. It is not ideal to transfer home evil to others’ house. Cracked mirrors are very negative energy. Remove them.

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

Image courtesy of iStockphoto 

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