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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Instant Sofa Makeover Tips

Instant Sofa Moveover Tips

Boring with your living room? Want an instant makeover? Without having redo the entire living room, simply just add a decorative pillow with little effort, you can turn your living room to a new fresh style. Let’s see what we can do…

Warm up with textiles

Textiles can change the entire feel of a room. A wild mix only works when there are balance, pairs, and colours of equal intensity. Consider placing a throw blanket to make your room cozier.

Touchable surface

Creams and white colours are the most beautiful colours combination. But when all shades are similar, it can feel flat; do contrasting, adding textures to make it visually interesting.

Balance in pairs

To keep your room look clean, consider doing in pairs with patterned pillows in front and solids as backdrop. Deep plum brings sofas to life in a bold way, and the feathers add a style of bohemian whimsy. Such combination will dress up any sofa.

Splash with colour

The pillows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with colour. The turquoise and plum are typical combination, but they unexpectedly complement each other. They are great contrast with neutral background.

Play with shape

Round pillows have great finishing touch, make a contrast between round and rectangular, feathers and tartan to make it looks unusual. Replace the classic square shape to another that instantly change the way your home looks like.
圆枕有画龙点睛的效果,将之做个强烈的对比 -  圆形和方形,羽毛和格子纹之间等。经典的方形枕头能瞬间改变客厅的面貌。

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin
Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

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