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Monday, March 4, 2013

7 Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

7 Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Do you feel uncomfortable and cramped with your small space? Let’s find some simple solutions that you can use to maximize space and make your home feel inviting.

Use Windows

Windows can be a strong tool in visually enlarging a small room because your eyes move beyond the wall to the outdoor view and embraces it as part of your living space. Take advantage of this liberating effect by leaving windows bare, or dress windows with draperies that match the colour of the walls to eliminate boundaries.

Floor and Ceiling

Cover the floor tiles with brilliant light that makes the room seem brighter and spacious. The same applies to the ceiling, use a white or a light colour in order to open up the space. Your room will look more spacious if all the walls, floor ceiling and use light colours.

Open the Way

With furniture and accessories blocking the view into a room and out to the open spaces, a room will look cramped. By moving furniture out and away from walkways, you’ll open up the space and make it feel more spacious. If you can see the floor, the room will look bigger.


Try to give up very bright and contrasting colours. To create the impression of a larger room is using the light colour scheme. The most suitable colours are pastel or white. In a cold colour like blue, it increases the space, while warm colour like orange and red rather reduces space.


Hang a large mirror with a decorative frame or prop it against a wall to create the illusion of depth in a small room. Even small mirrors expand the sense of space by reflecting views and light but an oversize mirror has a dramatic effect because it reflects a large chunk of the room.

Let in The Light

Any room will look bigger if it’s well-lit, either by natural light or artificial lighting. In a small space if is good to have built-in light, hidden spotlight or natural sunlight.

See-through space

By using materials that you can see through, anything beyond will appear further away. For a tiny bathroom, get rid of an opaque glass shower enclosure and substituted it with a clear, frameless one. The room will look more spacious.

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

Image courtesy of iStockphoto

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