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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Break The Rules, Make The Change

Break The Rules, Make The Change

Our homes would be boring if we all followed the rules. The great interior design has its personality. The most important rule to remember in decorating is there are no rules. Here are a few rules that we can break.

Living Room Needs a Sofa

Your living room needs to function well for the way you live. Putting a sofa at centre is ideal for many, perhaps you’d consider a cosy mix of chairs and ottomans for reading and conversations or a daybed for napping and lounging.

Everything Must Match

Just because furniture is sold as set doesn’t mean you have to use it that way.  Mix a new dining table with a medley of refinished antique chairs. Buy new sofa you love, but have your favourite chairs recovered instead of settling on the matching settee. Make choices that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.

Small Rooms with Small Furnishings

Filling a small room with lots of small furniture can actually make it feel cramped. You can put oversize furniture in small spaces. A few well-chosen large pieces can actually make a room feel bigger.

Wallpaper only for wall

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls. It also works well on ceiling and other many things. In a room with lots of pattern, a white ceiling stands out like a sore thumb. Use wallpaper on the ceiling to tie the space together. Paper the drawer, dresser or cabinet, or even plain headboard. You’ll get a custom-looking piece of furniture with lots of impact.

Paint Small Rooms with Light Colours

Light colours make a room feel bigger. But, that doesn’t mean that they are the only option for small spaces. A small space can handle dark walls too. Dark colours can create an illusion of depth that expands a room.

White Ceiling

Ceiling doesn’t have to be white. Painting the ceiling a colour adds interest to the room and brings harmony to the walls and ceiling. Choose a colour similar to the walls, or have the colour mixed a shade or two lighter or darker.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

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