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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fengshui Tips: Buying a Good Fengshui House

Fengshui Tips: Buying a Good Fengshui House

What do you look for when you are considering to purchase a new house? It comes to the price, location, size, condition, lot placement, floor plan and so on. These are the types of considerations that are taken into account when you want to assess the fengshui of a house. Here are some guidance to select a house with good fengshui.

Lot Placement

Be sure your house receives good energy from its surroundings, a clean street, good neighbours, no “sha chi” from nearby structures, no sloping land behind the house, and etc.

Both Way of House

It is not good if the road ends in a straight line to the house. Also, houses with a highway behind and in front of the house will suffer, and corrections can’t be made for these. Long driveways or a dead end in front of the house, would be another problem, but can be corrected with plants or mirrors.

Get Support

You also want good backing (classical mountain in fengshui), good energy and view in front of the house. Land that falls away at the back of the house creates loss and difficulties getting recognition and promotion.

Strong Front Door

The front door is very important in fengshui as this is how the house receives its Chi, or energy nourishment. Sometimes you can change a bad fengshui pathway with easy landscaping, and sometimes you just can't be mindful about it.

Open Up

If the house faces open land or has a wide, open area at the front, it has the “bright hall effect”. This is extremely auspicious. Make sure the house is not overwhelmed by landscaping. If there is a tree too close to the house, especially if it is in line with the front door, this is not good and will prevent opportunities for the houseowner.

Southwest and Northwest

These are the two most important directions in a house. The Northwest should never have an open flame, such as a gas stove. This is a fengshui taboo. To have a house such as this is to invite severe difficulties for the man of the house. Look at Southwest, this is the position for the woman or mother of the house. If there is a storeroom or bathroom located here, there could be marital difficulties and unhappiness.

By: Asikin & Pek Yeng

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

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