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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Curtain & Window Treatment Ideas

Curtain & Window Treatment Ideas

Thinking to redecorate your living room or dining room? Never underestimate the power of a new pair of curtains. Not only will they give your home a fresh new look, they’ll also keep it lovely and toasty on those rainy nights. Let’s see what are the option for covering your windows and bringing a new fresh look for your living room. 


Fabric Curtains

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If you have a large double glass window opening to the patio, you might want to consider traditional fabric curtains. They are easy to remain open during the day. They fold nicely and if made from decent material, they will look nice with little effort. Curtains are also fairly easy to put up and to get them down. 如家有落地窗,你可考虑较传统的布帘。它们既容易安装又容易打开,也能保持白天一直开放着,花点心思就能折叠得非常好看。

Roller Blinds

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They are grand for hanging in a bathroom or a kitchen. They are easy to hang, stay fairly clean and giving a chic look too. They are available in different colours and patterns, and some of them look quite nice.

Venetian Blinds 

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They are very easy to clean and to sun block when they are winded up or shut. They can also cover large windows and there’s no problem with opening and shutting, or rolling up. Because of their style, they’re also good of popping up to cover that small window that you don’t know what to do with. 

Roman Blinds

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In some ways they’re similar to venetian blinds, but there’s a whole lot of difference. You can choose your colour and design very easily just like fabric curtains. But even better, they are made from a variety of material, such like firm polyester, bamboo, cane or soft wood. 

Plantation Shutters 

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Plantation shutters were originally used in old plantation homesteads, which was where their name derive from. In colonial days, they were attached to the outside of the windows and were primarily used to keep the hot sun and dust out of the home. These days, the shutters are usually attached to the inside of the windows. Shutters are attached to the panels, and these panels are in turn attached to the window casing. 

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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