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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleep Healthier, Live Healthier with AKEMI Sleepedia

Sleep Healthier, Live Healthier with AKEMI Sleepedia
AKEMI Sleepedia陪你健康睡,活健康

AKEMI Sleepedia features German revolutionary microfibre technology in bedding products that will help you to improve your body health, sleep comfort and promotes the feeling of well-being.
AKEMI Sleepedia 与德国革命性微纤维的床上用品,帮助你提高睡眠质量、健康与舒适的睡眠。

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Ultra- If you have allergies, asthma, sensitive skin or rhinitis, give this pillow a try. It is a proven German technology tested against all health and safety requirements, providing long lasting comfort sleep with guaranteed cleanliness that ensures a healthy sleep. The good nature of this pillow is to prevent the development of dust mites. No more skin irritation, no more morning sinus and no more itchy red eyes.    
SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Ultra如果你有过敏症、哮喘、敏感皮肤或鼻窦炎,这枕头能替你解决问题。经过德国技术测试,完全符合健康和安全需求,确保为你带来既安逸、舒适又干净的睡眠环境。天然的防尘螨功能,不会对皮肤造成任何伤害及刺激,让你远离鼻窦炎及眼睛发痒问题。

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Micro Plus- Its fibre is 6 times finer and 8 times shorter than standard fibre that makes it comfier, bouncier and fluffier. The patented fibre has slow release effect which allows it to gradually return to its original shape and giving your body the maximum support.
This down-like touch pillow confirms your body comfortably all night. 
SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Micro Plus微纤维与普通纤维相比下,来得6倍幼细及8倍短,使得枕头更富弹性及柔软。其专利纤维具有缓释效果,枕头能逐渐恢复原来形状,增加对身体最大的支撑度。独特的柔软性让你一觉睡到天亮。

SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Eco Fresh TENCEL® Plus- It is made with two complimentary eco-friendly fibres that offer a highly breathable and quick drying and excellent moisture absorption performance. It regulates your body temperature to ensure a dry-cool and pleasant sleeping environment all night long.
SLEEPEDIA SUPRELLE™ Eco Fresh TENCEL® Plus由两个环保纤维结合而成的高科技纤维有着高度透气性、速干及优良的吸湿功能。完美调节体温,以确保任何时候都保持干爽透气,给你整夜凉爽宜人的睡眠环境。

By: Pek Yeng & Asikin

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