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Monday, December 24, 2012

Stay Slim Tips Over This Christmas

Stay Slim Tips Over This Christmas

Often, there are many people associate Christmas with weight gain, agree? For me, I tend to use the entire December to relax, and enjoy good food, good Christmas music and other good things in life. Don’t get me wrong, I don't allow my Christmas indulgence to ruin my figure, more importantly, my health. Well, trying to lose weight during the holiday season is undeniably tough, perhaps.


Nevertheless, maintaining your weight in holiday season should be a brilliant idea. Let’s check out some tips here.

1.  Drink Water
1. 喝水

A little water goes a long way, whether small sips throughout the day are a smart way to keep yourself well-hydrated. It acts as a joint lubricant to transport nutrients and eliminate waste, and works in regulating body temperature. What’s more, water has no fat, no calories and no cholesterol.

2. I Paid for It, So Let’s Finish It
2. 别撑坏你的肚子

Don’t feel as if you need to clean your plate just because you paid for it. Let’s consider putting part of your meal right away into a take-home container, portion sizes in restaurants can be two to three times the amount you need. Instead of the usual starch and vegetable sides, skip the starch and double the veggies instead.

3. Alcoholic Drinks are Calorific
3. 酒精是高热量的饮品

It’s just fattening, alcoholic drinks are very calorific. Try to watch how much your are drinking to avoid going over your daily calorie intake.

"Some say it’s white, some like silent night;
Whether white or night, day or night … let’s do it right …"

但无论是白色的还是夜晚浪漫型的,白天的或夜晚的,尽情享受就是了。。。 ”

Well, do not let your weight loss goals get really into the way of your fun. Christmas is a time to relax and do the things you want to.

Let’s have a wonderful Christmas, and have fun ;)

By Fred Victor & Pek Yeng

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